2024-2025 will be an exciting years for

Antelope Valley Kennel Club.

We have 2 major all breed dog shows,  an eye clinic, and possible speakers in addition to our handling classes, meetings and lots of other dog events coming up.


Handling Classes

Email moviestoo@yahoo.com to check on dates for handling classes.   The classes are located at 40058 17th street West, Palmdale, CA.  

Attend a Meeting

Antelope Valley Kennel Club holds its meetings on the 4th Wednesday of Every month

7:00 PM
Location: Pending

For more information, please email us!

Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member?

It’s easy! To become a member you must:

  • Have an active interest in the sport of pure-bred dogs.
  • Attend three club meetings as a guest.
  • Be sponsored by two current club members
  • Fill out a membership application and sign our Code of Ethics

Membership applications may be obtained by attending a meeting

The public is invited to attend meetings. But be forewarned: a love for dogs and the sport of dogs is highly contagious!