About the Antelope Valley Kennel Club

The Antelope Valley Kennel Club is a non-profit organization that operates under the rules and regulations set forth by the American Kennel Club.

Antelope Valley Kennel Club Inc. (AVKC) was founded in 1955 by a group of local dog enthusiasts.  Their intention was to showcase pure-bred dogs as companion animals in an agricultural community where dogs were regarded as working stock, while at the same time allowing fellow breeders to exhibit the best of their stock and helping to safeguard the traits and temperaments of their individual breeds of dog.

The first Antelope Valley Kennel Club Dog Show, with an entry of 400 representing 116 breeds was held in December 1958.  Since then the Club has grown along with the Valley population and now holds two (2) Breed & Obedience shows per year.  Entries of 2,000 plus dogs and over 140 breeds are now exhibited.  Annually the Club holds an American Kennel Club (AKC) Sanctioned B-OB and Agility Match.  Members actively participate in dog shows and related dog activities including obedience, agility, field trials, lure coursing, water work and earth dog trials.  These events are a means of demonstrating the quality and natural instincts of their dogs.  Promoting responsible dog ownership and educational programs, the Club is focused on serving and supporting the dog community of the Antelope Valley.